80% of sales require five follow-ups after initial contact, but 44% of salespeople give up after one...let us help you and your team with your follow up


Loving our BeastMode CRM. It is so well rounded and set up for Real Estate Investors. Every time I think “I wish it had X”, I find out it does. This platform is fantastic and so easy to use.
— Suzanne Griffiths

What others have to say (TESTIMONIALS)

With Over 700+ Members Using Beast Mode, What Are You Missing Out On?

What Do You Get…

  • CEO Reports Dashboard

  • Mobile App (Iphone & Android)

  • Full Online Knowledge Base w/ Videos

  • Optional 1 hour Onboarding 1 on 1 via Zoom

  • OnCarrot Optional Integration (One time $97 connection)

  • Lead Sherpa Automated Integration (free setup)

  • Access Control (Podio Based)

  • Nightly Data BackUp to Prevent Loss of Data

  • Google Street, Aerial, and Map views

  • Contact Manager (Realtors, Lawyers, Title, etc.)

  • Weekly Members Only Live Q&A Screen-share Calls

  • Email Support Ticket System

  • Private Facebook Group for Support

  • Inbound Call/SMS Capturing

  • Optional Click2Call Integration (one time $147 connection)

  • Customizable Missed Call Autoresponder

  • Customizable Follow Up SMS/RVM Drip

  • RVM Drip Follow Up (Optional $27 a Month)

  • Out of The Box Built Follow Up Drip Content

  • Task Management

  • Appointment Management & Automated KPI Historical Tracking

  • Offer Management

  • Built in Deal Analyzer

  • Contract Management

  • Electronic Signature Service

  • Automated Property Data

  • Automated KPI Historical Tracking

Setup Times are 3-5 Days After Submission of Your Support Ticket Request

Demo Beast Mode in Action … Check It Out For Yourself

who is a Good Fit?

We are full time real estate investors ourselves, who needed simple automation and KPI tracking. We initially built Beast Mode to fit our need…and then our fellow mastermind investors asked to us to provide the solution in their businesses. We have used the feedback from our fellow investors to make Beast Mode what it is today. We now have over 700 users on our platform, who were looking for a simple automated solution.

Our business is run off of the EOS/Traction methodology, where team members are assigned roles. It’s important to have the right team members in the right seat. As you assign KPI goal numbers specific to the roles and hold them accountable to report on those numbers weekly, our platforms KPI tracking becomes a MUST.

Consistency in marketing, follow up, and answering your phones are all apart of DOING THE WORK!!! Although real estate investing is simple, it is NOT easy! If you’re unwilling to be consistent and DO THE WORK, no tool or CRM will make a difference in your business.

Now the good news is if you’re consistent in your marketing, follow up, and answering of your phones … Beast Mode will simply amplify what you are already doing. Many of our investors, who track their numbers find 40-50% of their deals come from follow up. What would an additional 40-50% in REVENUE mean to your business?

Who is not a fit?

If you’re just getting started and figuring out what real estate investing is and money is tight … WE GET IT … everyone starts off as “newbie” and we all have to start somewhere. We offer a free Podio App Suite that is based off our Beast Mode platform. Now it’s meant as a platform for you to input your seller/property information and notes and it will be free up to 500 items. It does NOT have any automation or drip follow up built into it, but it’s a great starting point. You can always upgrade down the road when it makes sense! Here are some deciding factors & we would recommend the free too over our fully automated Beast Mode:

  • 0-3 deals done

  • Unsure if this business is possible

  • Not committed to the tool for at least 6 months

  • Pricing would cause marketing slow down (marketing consistency is #1)

  • $187 a month will cause financial stress

  • We provide a product w/ support, but NOT a consultant or customization company. You can add fields and Apps as you see fit, but any automation (over what we provide out of the box) or customization would require you to hire a consultant or do them in-house. We do have a preferred list of consultants however.

If the above list is you currently … we don’t want to leave you hanging! Click the button below to sign up for our FREE Tools Kit. Once inside the course your will be able to access the CRM section, which goes over how to request our support team to setup your FREE Podio based Simple CRM. We also have a road map that will go over some the tools we use in our business along with some 3-5 minute videos explaining the tools.

Think Beast Mode Is a Fit, But Have Questions???

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Beast Mode CRM - $187 a Month (3 Users or Less)

It’s not a fit for everyone, but with over 700 members using the platform, what are you missing out on?


Additional Users - Beast Mode - $25 Per Month

For our members who have teams over and above 3 users, additional users can be purchased here.


List Source - .03 per Lead

Data is king & when you can access it for .03 a record it’s hard to compete.


Easy Button REI - RVM - $27 a Month

If you’re looking to add ringless voicemail (RVM) drip campaigns to your Beast Mode CRM, you have found it!


Easy Button REI - RVM - Drop Credits 4 Cents Each

Looking to purchase drop credits allowing mass RVM marketing for your Easy Button REI RVM account? You can purchase them here at 4 cents each with minimum of $45.


Easy Button REI - FREE Tools

We have been asked about the platforms we use in our own investment company many times over. We have put together some 5 minute training videos of the tools we use and why we use them. It’s really that simple, click below to learn more.