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Want to make some monthly mailbox money??? We offer a monthly affiliate payout for anyone who joins our REI Automation Squad family. It's free to join below

Real Estate Investing Training

If you have been in the real estate investing industry for 30 days or 10 years you have likely heard of Cris Chico aka the God Father of Virtual Real Estate Investing. He is by far one of the industry leading members when it comes to marketing and investing virtually & locally. If your looking for someone to learn the    ropes from head over to his flip anywhere academy link below.


Mail List

Just about every investor that is investing in an area that discloses data pulls data from List Source. Your typical cost for pulling these list is going to be .15 to .18 per name. If you add demographic data it can get up to .25 per record. Our good friends over at YellowLetterHq and an undisclosed person have been able to negotiate one of the best deals on this planet for mail list with .03 cents per record. If you add demographics it will add a few pennies, but the pricing cannot be beat!


Skip Tracing





It's important in todays competitive market to zig, when others are zagging. Skip tracing allows you to get phone numbers for the sellers from your list typically pulled for direct mail. Below we provide access to List Source and .03 records that would normally be .18-.25 per record. You will receive the phone numbers and updated addresses from the skip tracing file within 48 hours. The options are now much greater with the ability to Cold Call,  send Ringless Voicemail, or send Direct Mail to name a few. The data provider is one of the best (I would argue THE best) in the industry and one that we have Beast Mode clients using who are making 7 figures a year.


List Stacking Management




Mailing list by themselves are NOT the answer to your prayers on ROI for marketing. Many new investors will pull list and mail 500 to a few thousand postcards once or twice and swear off direct mail when it doesn't produce revenue. The truth is unless you can mail a minimum of 500-1000 every 6-8 weeks and do it 6-8 times on the same list, you should look at a different marking channel. If you could stack items such as tax delinquent, high equity, vacant, bad credit, eviction, divorce, and many others list types on one another. The likely-hood someone needs to sell & needs help when multiple life events happen are much higher. The list stacking platform is not just for direct mail, but cold calling and other points of contact.


Direct Mail

We have used Yellow Letter Hq now for the better of a year and the customer service is among the best out there. They have some of the top templates being used by investors across the country. If you don't find the template they can create just about anything you want!


Answering Service

Once you have pulled your list, sent your direct mail, or tuned on your online advertising...someone has to answer the phones. We personally use CallPorter and have been extremely satisfied with their services. They use US based agent out the MO area and hold training weekly with their people. Justin and Ryan have been extremely helpful in getting us up and going!


Sales    Training

In building out a team you often find training the sales process and skills is tough. John Martinez over at MidWestRev has this area on Lock! Reach out to John and his team today to get more info on how you can get training for your Leads Manger and Acquisition team members. It's hands down the best out there and will allow you 10x your revenue!


Podio Customization

If you wanting to customize your Beast Mode CRM or looking to have some items customized on your current setup Brandilyn is one of our go to consultants. The ability to talk with someone in the United States and have it be someone that works on a lot of real estate setups makes all the difference when explaining what you're looking for.