Easy Button REI RVM - Monthly Subscription

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Easy Button REI RVM - Monthly Subscription

27.00 every month

This subscription will give you access to our Easy Button REI RVM. Having an account by itself allows access to the most robust platform on the market for mass dropping ringless voicemails (RVM).

Ringless drop credits can be purchase for just 4 cents a drop in our other products/services. You are only charge for successful drops.

The RVM platform allows for the purchase of local phone numbers for what is equivalent to $1 and it’s a one time charge …that’s right YOUR NOT PAYING MONTHLY FOR PHONE NUMBERS

You will be able to set up phone trees directly in the platform instructing your callers what to do. An example that we have used ourselves is press 1 to talk to someone (forwards to CallRail for us), or press 9 to be removed from list (the system automatically will put them on your DNC list). It’s important to understand the automation saving there…if they press 9, it will automatically put this on your DNC (black list).

This allows for you to upload list in the future and no have to waste drops on people who have already opted out. You can upload list as well such a litigators list or your dead leads list into the DNC - Black List to ensure you are not dropping voicemails to them.

Training??? - You didn’t think we would leave you hanging here. We have built out a full training platform with step by step videos and mindmap on how to use the system. We provide examples scripts as well to use for your audio files.

How do I access my account after paying?

  • Be on the lookout for an email with a subject line “Easy Button REI RVM - Access”

  • Follow the instructions to setup your new account

  • If you run into any issues email support Support@EasyButtonREI.com

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